The excellence around me

I am probably quite an average doctor. I am early on in my training, I rarely come up with a genius diagnosis no one else could have thought of. The times when I have saved a life are few and fair between.

However at Worthing I think i can deliver excellent care. This is because I am surrounded by excellent (in no order) juniors, seniors, receptionist, nurses, porters, Occupational therapists, HCA ect. ect. ect.) 

I feel we do not tell each other this enough. If we do we forget. It is human nature to forget praise and remember criticisms. 

Well now we can submit a greatix 

This fantastic idea has been started elsewhere and spread via social media ans #foam. When people ask if it is my idea I generally say I stole it, which is half true, you can't steal what is freely shared. Which is why I love FOAM.

After working out how to utilize this website to help do this I was going to wait until January to launch. Then I remember where I work. Whilst everyone else is winding down we are getting busier and busier. This is the time of year we most need to remind each other quite how regularly extraordinary we are.