So, having had 'my' blog hijacked by Dan - Worthing E.D's first (and fabulous) Educational Clinical Fellow, I've thought I should get my a*** into gear and get on with some content myself! 

Firstly, I have to congratulate Dan on getting to grips with website editing; he has done this entirely himself, using the squarespace interface which this website is built on. My input was purely the mechanics of how to access the site; any advice I gave beyond that was probably more of a hinderance than help! Dan is setting up some great education in Worthing ED - if you work in the Trust, or are visiting some day make sure you get involved in some way.

This is the first of a series of blog posts I plan to write about my recent trip to San Francisco to attend "The Teaching Course". This was a pretty awesome 4 day event organised and run by The Teaching CO-OP, a group of clinicians from around the world who describe themselves as a community of dynamic thinkers who are passionately motivated to bring a relevant, engaging, and learner centered environment to the  world of medical education. 

The course proper was a 3 day event covering topics such as how to 'do' a presentation with the awesome Ross Fisher, (if you haven't listened to him speak or read any of his work, make sure you find time to do so), improvisation for medical educators, stress inoculation - specifically relating to simulation training, curriculum design, feedback and remediation. There were also sessions on wellbeing, dealing with difficult conversations (with a reminder that it is often the conflict between colleagues that causes more stress than difficult / bad news patient interactions) and the importance of emotional contagion (more on this in a future blog).

I also attended 2 pre-conference workshops; the first on social media and how it relates to modern medical education, and the second titled "The Learning Course", which explored the science of learning, how we can embrace these principles in our own learning, and as educators how we can use this knowledge to help our learners. 

So all in all, a fabulous 4 days of education, which I will share with you over the next few weeks via the blog. Hope to discuss some of this stuff with many of you face to face soon.

And by the way Dan - keep the content's "our" blog!

Sarah      @lifeinedcom