Em-wsht phase 2...

I have hijack Sarah's blog for my first every blog post. Let's see how long she takes to notice. . .

  • How to sleep after night shifts
  • How to  control the conversation with a drunk person
  • How to persuade a 4 year old to open their mouth.
  • How to talk to a grumpy neurosurgeon. 

The list of "things they don't teach you in medical school that might come in hand as a doctor that you'll end up learning off a mate/teaching yourself" is a long one.

I can now add "editing a website" onto that list.

A splash of Sim guidance and a introduction to ultrasound is what I've added so far. I hope this continue to be more useful as we can expand it. Watch this space. 

Our department's "one minute read" has now migrated from physical posters in the virtual world as well. Although the good old-fashioned paper will still be there. 

Hopefully our physical FOAM wall will be up in the department too.

More detailed local guidelines also available and being continually expanded at drtoolbox (link on educational page of trust intranet)

Any suggestions, queries and general non specific enthusiasm welcome


Educational fellow