Everyone loves SIM!

Simulation training is a really important part of Emergency Medicine Educational. It allows us to be pushed slightly to work at a higher level than we do and to drill rare situations.

In Situ sim moves this from the Simulation suite into the department. Helping to fit training in around the busy nature of our jobs and to increase the realism of these situations


Whose involved?


Currently getting a student to play the role of the junior doctor, a student nurse or junior nurse to play the role of triaging nurse and a Junior doctor to play the role of senior.

Everyone gets the opportunity to work at a slightly higher level.


These are running most weeks at around 930-1000 on different days

Contact me if you want to be involved in the next few weeks and I can arrange this around your schuele.

We have SIM child but generally run adult scenarios.

How does it work?

Just try and approach the sim patient as you would a real patient. 

These run “real time” so please just try and do what you would do in real life. Things don’t happen instantly. If you want a cannula, you have to go to the blood trolley, get the equipment out and take a minute to place the line. If you want a blood gas then you have to walk to the machine and run this. This allows both time to think and for task allocation e.g. someone must run the gas and leave the patient, who at this moment is the best person to do this.

Banned phrases

“ I would now”

“I would normally do this”

Please just try and do what you would do in “real life”

What if I don’t like being watched/assessed?

It is never compulsory nor an assessment, but it is a friendly non-judgemental atmosphere. There is always someone to call/ask for help, just like in real life.

Don’t worry about not knowing things. It is much more about communication, human factors and task allocation than knowledge.


Any questions?

Contact Dan, on the shop floor or

Teaching help appreciated in addition!


Watch this space for full day sim training in addition.

For more info check out life in the fast lane