Major Incidents

Over recent months there has been a heightened awareness of the need to be adequately prepared to respond to major incidents, specifically mass casualty terrorist attacks. There is every possibility that in the event of a mass casualty event in our locality, services at our regional MTC could be overwhelmed, meaning our TU could be expected to manage trauma patients who would not normally present to our department. 

There have been several publications, blogs and podcasts relating to previous mass casualty events. Links to some of these can be found on this page. I have produced a brief summary of some of the key points following the Boston Marathon attack and the Paris attack; if you only have a few minutes, have a read of this, but I urge you to take some time to read and listen to some of the other material. I hope you find it useful.


This article from St. Emlyn's contains links to a podcast recorded by Dr. Youri Yordanov relating to his experiences working in a Paris hospital on the night of the Paris attacks. His hospital started receiving casualties only 7 minutes after the first attack. This article also contains a link to an open access article published in the Lancet discussing the response to the incident.