Toxicology and Overdose


This video from SMACC is by an Australian consultant toxicologist. He aims to give you an approach to a patient who has taken an overdose, his talk includes some discussion of paediatric overdoses. He covers a little bit of how to integrate toxicology into ALS.

He illustrates some key points with some entertaining cases. Finally it is worth watching to the end as his final anecdote is quite funny! 


This is a helpful infographic from the team

This website has a range of useful info, especially useful if you are a visual learner.


Carbon Monoxide poisoning is definitely one of those differentials that you consider when the patients books into ED with ‘?carbon monoxide poisoning’…… but how much do we really think about it in a patient that hasn’t been sent down to the ED with this specific thought in mind.


This blogpost discusses some of the complexities of management of patients presenting following overdose, specifically relating to consent and capacity assessments.